The project

The genesis

February 2023, French Red Cross contacts me to work on a photographic project. I have previously worked on photo projects with this institution on different subjects, such as self-esteem. We know each other. They trust me.

Subject request: "Forest & precariousness.”

These photographs are intended to be exhibited in an emergency accommodation of the Red Cross in Paris by september 2023. In contact with the people supported. Already personally involved in a photographic approach based on space and nature, the subject was close enough to me. Let’s do this.

How can we integrate the forest into a social structure that supports homeless users? How can we integrate precariousness people into a creative process? The answer would be the quest. The quest for oneself, the quest for a path. The quest for appeasement, forgiveness, escape, loss, perhaps light. Who knows? Do they know?

Forest in the sense of original space, neutral. But also as the path, as life.

Alone, on their way… their path.

Are they on the right track? Lost? Where do they come from? Towards what?

They are building themselves. Passing through. For a moment.

And so are you.

We are all Passengers.


The expand

The desire to expand the series on a wider field is taking shape. Misfits, middle class, young, old, random people. The project continues during summer 2023.

September 2023: 13 images are selected… and a sequel to come.


I would like to sincerely thank Caroline Acard, Etienne Pons, Elsa Bourgain for supporting me throughout this project.